Books on Robotics & Electronics:

Books on AVR

Programming & Customizing AVRProgramming and Customizing the AVR Microcontroller

Embedded C Programming with AVREmbedded C Programming and the Atmel AVR

TinyAVR for Evil GeniusTinyAVR Microcontroller Projects for the Evil Genius

Electronic reference

Electronic Devices & circuitsElectronic Devices and Circuits

Fundementals of Electronic Devices & CircuitsFundamentals of Electronic Devices and Circuits

Getting Started in ElectronicsGetting Started in Electronics

Make: ElectronicsMake: Electronics

Robot Books

Junkbots, Bugbots & bots on wheelsJunkBots, Bugbots, and Bots on Wheels

Robot Builders BonanzaRobot Builder's Bonanza, Third Edition

Robot Builders bonanza : 4 editionRobot Builder's Bonanza, 4th Edition

Robot Building for BeginnersRobot Building for Beginners

Intermediate Robot BuildingIntermediate Robot Building (Technology in Action)

Absolute beginners guide to building robotsAbsolute Beginner's Guide to Building Robots

PIC microcontroller project bookPIC Microcontroller Project Book

Other Referance Books

Fuzzy Logic with engineering applicationsFuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications, Third Edition

C programmingC Programming Language (2nd Edition)

Embedded C Programming and Microchip PICEmbedded C Programming and the Microchip PIC

Programming in CProgramming in C (3rd Edition)

C Programming for Absolute BeginnerC Programming for the Absolute Beginner


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Atmega8 Development Board

A great step-by-step tutorial on building your own Atmel AVR based Atmega8 development board. The board is ideal for beginners with detailed explanation and pictures More...

L293D Motor Driver

For robots to do work, you need to know how to control a motor. L293D is a cleverly packed IC which can control two DC motors in both directions: forwards and reverse. Here is a detailed explanation of building a board based on L293D ICMore...

Hobby Servo Tutorial

Servo Motor is a device which uses error-sensing feedback signals to determine and control the position of a motor shaft. The term "servomechanism" closely relates to servo motors..More...

Blinking LED Tutorial

This is similar to what we achieve in any "Hello World" program. However, it is not just limited to blinking LED but scratches the surface of AVR-GCC programming... More...

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